Turn everything you’ve worked for into

everything you want

At Momentum Wealth, our team of experts believe that you’ve worked too hard not to enjoy every minute of your retirement. Let us help you get from here to there… always moving forward.

we help to answer these key questions:

Are you entering a different stage in life and realizing that
What got you here may not get you there?
Do you wonder how to turn everything you’ve worked for
Into Everything You want?
Do you feel overwhelmed by decisions and
the desire to make the right choices?
Looking ahead
Moving Forward


Stable income that allows comfort and freedom in your lifestyle


An investment strategy that helps address market volatility, portfolio fees, and more.

Health Care

A plan to keep you covered, whatever your health care need.


Tax strategies to help you keep more of what you’ve worked for and earned.


A forward-thinking plan to help make an impact and leave a legacy.

The Retire Forward Process

Our Retire Forward Process™ is designed to help you build holistic financial freedom.


Let’s dream together to create a retirement worthy of 20, 30 or 40 years of hard work and sacrifice


See and understand how a well thought out and complete financial plan gives the confidence you deserve


Once a plan is implemented, experience the freedom to enjoy the retirement you’ve earned

Meet the Momentum team

We are not just another planning firm.
We are a team of leaders.

Nico Pesci

Founder & CEO

Coming from a family of immigrants, Nico was taught from a young age that perseverance and tenacity make it impossible for the world to keep its doors closed. That spirit, passed down through his grandmother who came to this country by herself at the age of 16, shaped Nico’s belief that everyone deserves the confidence and tenacity to pursue the things that matter most.

That belief was made stronger when Nico watched his parents struggle to keep their retirement savings during the 2008 financial crisis. The following year, Nico founded Momentum Wealth to help people like his parents build the confidence they need to enjoy the retirement they deserve.

With a deep focus on creating efficient retirement plans, helping clients adapt to volatile economic environments and an unwavering commitment to personal service, Nico has created a leading advisor firm that maintains the atmosphere and attention of a small family office. To ensure that environment will always be a cornerstone of Momentum, Nico works hard to foster deeper client relationships by offering client education, appreciation and charity events.

Though Nico loved every step of his journey founding and growing Momentum, his favorite part will always be seeing clients realize that everything they’ve sacrificed was worth it—now they have the plan and confidence to enjoy every minute of their hard-earned retirement.

Danielle Manning

Director of
Events & Marketing

Brooke Carney

Director of

Jael Glauser

Director of New Business 

Drew Shockley 

Advisory Solutions

Jason Goold

Lead Service Advisor 

Jessica Simpson

Director of Client Connection and Services

Madisen Remer

Seminar Manager 

Rhen Brown


Shaylynn Zuniga

Administrative Assistant


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